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Once Around the Turntable

Soundtracks - random

November 23 - Love in A Minor

Okay, so not all of these songs are in A minor and actually my favourite scale is D minor... but seeing as exams are coming up, I'd like to keep everything in an "A" frame of mind, y'know?  ^O^
The first three songs on this list were requested by Clairy-fairy (once again).  As much as I'm a CD h0, I think Claire is an mp3 h0!  ^O^  Anyways, the other songs (and I'm hoping to add a few more as soon as I find one of my CDs) are my recommendations following the theme of the songs Claire wanted.
Most (if not all) of the songs are theme songs from the closing credits of movies.  These songs tend to be soft, mellow, sometimes almost gothic sounding.  (unless you're watching an action movie, because those end songs tend to be techno or guitar rock)  Interestingly enough, all but one of these songs are sung by women.  ^^;;;  (I think i've under-represented the male contingent, oops.)  I put this list together based on my own personal taste for minor keys and celtic (and other ethnic) folk music.  There's a random mix of Chinese and English songs here, and I'm hoping to maybe add a few Japanese ones if I can get my graspy little hands on them.  ^_^  Hope y'all enjoy!
BTW, the listing of movies from which all these songs came can be found by clicking on the "The Plastic Disc" link.

My favourite tracks:
well, they're all my favourites, aren't they?  seeing as i chose them, an' all... ^O^  but, if i had to choose,
1)  A Love Before Time - Coco Lee
2)  Star Wish (??) - Cecilia Cheung (i'm bad with translations, but even worse with pinyin) 

01. "A Love Before Time" (mandarin) - Coco Lee
02. "A Love Before Time" (english) - Coco Lee
03. "The Dream Within" (english) - Lara Fabian

04. "Dream Person" (cantonese) - Faye Wong

05. "Weird Thinking" (cantonese) - Faye Wong

06. "May It Be" (english) - Enya

07.  "Star Wish" (mandarin) - Cecilia
08.  "Dear Friend" (english) - ???
09.  "O Verona (reprise)" (english?) - ???
10.  "When Doves Cry" (english) - Quindon Tarver (no, not Prince.  ^O^;;;)
11.  "This Used to be My Playground" (english) - Madonna


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