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Saturday November 23, 2002

Random Soundtracks
As you can probably tell from my "Discography," I have a serious love for soundtracks.  I like both the soundtracks that consist of songs "inspired by" the movie, and the ones that are simply background music used in the movie.  I think the reason soundtracks are so fun for me is that they remind me of the movie itself.  When I'm listening to a soundtrack (especially the instrumental ones) I really feel like I'm watching/experiencing the movie again.  I can replay the movie in my mind as the music takes me through it.  I feel sad when the music slows, because I remember that this is when a character died; I feel excited when the music swells because I remember that this is when they begin to fight.  Listening to a soundtrack is like... *feeling* a movie.
My favourite soundtracks are the instrumentals with one or two vocal tracks.  These vocals are usually very lyrical, sweet, yet melancholic.  They're the songs that make me really *feel*. 
The songs I chose for this round were taken from the following movies:
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
- "A Love Before Time" - Coco Lee
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
- "The Dream Within" - Lara Fabian
ChungKing Express
- "Dream Person" - Faye Wong (this is a cantonese version of a Cranberry's song)
- "Weird Thinking" - Faye Wong
Lord of the Rings
- "May It Be" - Enya
Star Wish (chinese)
- "Star Wish" - Cecilia Cheung
Tiramisu (chinese)
- "Dear Friend" - ???
Romeo and Juliet
- "O Verona" (reprise)
- "When Doves Cry" - Quindon Tarver (no, not Prince.  ^O^;;;)
A League of Their Own
- "This Used to be My Playground" - Madonna


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