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Scratch Symphony

Do It Loud

NOVEMBER 23, 2002
Hmm... I really *do* get the urge to update around the same time... ^O^;;;
Random grabs from random soundtracks up for grabs this time around.  I've also updated the Discography section.
Anything else left to say?  I don't think so... hmm... don't forget, if you missed a posting, or really want a song from one of my discs, don't hesitate to ask!  email is or use the form from this page (if it still works, tripod is so odd sometimes.  9_9)
FEBRUARY 21, 2002
Have you noticed how I always seem to get updating fever around the same time every few months?  ^O^;;  So, Luna Sea's "Period" is up for grabs starting today.  I've also updated the Discography with 2 Chinese, 1 Japanese, and 4 soundtracks.
NOVEMBER 23, 2001
Well now... I didn't update this page as much as I had promised, ne? ^O^;; my bad. Anyways, I've posted the last of "Queer As Folk". And I hope you all noted that track 15 is the same as track 1. I just post according to the CD, folks, don't shoot the messenger. ^______^ The next disc to be ripped looks like Luna Sea's "Period". Any objections?
AUGUST 21, 2001
After Tripod pulled my page *again* for remote loading, I finally emailed them expressing my extreme displeasure with their service. Consequently, here we are, up and LIVE!!! \(^O^)/ yay!
Vive la revolution de musique! (okay, so my french sux, i know it, you know it... let's move on, shall we? ^_^)


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