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spin: (v) to make turn around or revolve rapidly
away: (adv) without stopping; on; continuously

And the CD spins round and round, forever and ever, into the night.

Well, for those who are accidentally stumbling into this site, I'd like to introduce myself as a CD h0. ^_^ I'm completely, utterly, hopelessly devoted to buying CDs (and I'm talking about the real version, not the counterfeit ones from HK... ^O^). It's sad, really... Well, not so much sad, as *expensive*... Oo;;

But, gosh darnit, it's a FUN hobby! \(^O^)/

Books; Actual size=248 pixels wide

This here blog is to keep my friends (and myself) updated on my recent acquisitions. I give samples, opinions, recommendations, etc. etc. etc.!! ENJOY!! ^______^

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